Tuesday 14 June 2011

Cheltenham Road goes upmarket

The Tesco Express has re-opened on Cheltenham Road.
It shuts at 18:00, so anyone wanting value beverages after that time is recommend to walk past the Arches, turn left to Zetland Road and go into Booze Express, who are happy to serve discounted vodka and red-bull throughout most of the evening.

Being closed at 6, the bike path in front of Tesco is unused.
What is interesting -and worth knowing- is now that the troublemakers have been evicted from the Telepathic Heights squat, there's room for two cars or vans in front.
Before there was always the risk someone on the roof would drop a brick or a bottle full of petrol onto your paintwork, but now it is safe.

With Cheltenham Road becoming safer and more popular, knowing the secret parking places is becoming important. This is a new one.

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