Sunday 24 February 2013

Forward Thinking.

At last this blog appears to have been noticed.

Not in Bristol, where the council still pretends to be cycle friendly, but by Surrey County Council, who take driving very seriously... especially the school run...

"Following a parent-governor meeting at North Downs Primary School last Thursday, headteacher Angela Ewing said its Betchworth and Leigh bases would be "driving only" from September."

You can read the full details here:

We admire this school. Pro car, anti-cycling or walking. THIS IS THE FUTURE! And all because they took notice of Bristol Traffic. Also we salute the fact that, across the country, Councils pay £700 million each year to pay for Taxis to take children to and from School. This is a fantastic introduction to Public Transport, and whilst taxis are only for poor people, at least they look like cars, not those hideous buses that get in our way.


bsk said...


Your very eyeopening article today seems to appear in the RSS feed but not actually on your site as far as I can tell.



SteveL said...

@bsk: we are unintentionally taken over by the People's Cycling Front of South Gloucestershire, who then started publishing pro-cycling propagandy

Once our intrusion detection system detected this they were evicted and have put the post up on their own site

We have seen The Man and He Drives