Thursday 4 July 2013

Keep the children out of our way: save felix road playground, Easton!

In the posh parts of the city, the parents keep their children safe in the backgardens, with only trampoline-related injuries to fear (there's lots of posters about this in Bristol Kid's hospital, which is a bit late by then).

In the bits of the city where people are too poor to afford gardens, there are two places that kids can go outdoors
  1. Parks
  2. Roads
We obviously prefer them in parks, not just for their own safety but to avoid holding us up -every child that walks over a zebra crossing holds up traffic in each direction for 15 seconds; every child that presses the button on a pedestrian crossing adds 30s of delay.
One child out in the streets can cross 8-10 roads an hour.

Across the city, that adds up. And as the holidays approach, we fear for the impact all of these children have on our schedule

Which is why everyone should sign the petition to save Felix Road Playground!

Every child who spends the day in this playground is a child who isn't holding up important people!

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