Saturday, 21 February 2015

Castle Parking: Taking the 'P' out of Park

Here's the nice new corner piece of Castle Park and Broad Weir where pedestrians can sit and rest after a hectic day of shopping in Cabot Circus. The Council have gone to all the trouble of landscaping a formerly naff patch of ground in an effort to make it a bit more appealing. And like flies to manure, the paveparkers have found out that you can dump a vehicle there all day, just behind the bus stop.But wtach out, that newly laid turf is a bit wet and the mud might get on your tyres:(


Unknown said...

Who are these idiots who see pavement and think "oh I'll just park there"? And more importantly, how come they aren't fined to Kingdom come. It's not exactly subtle.

mnpinkfloyd said...

Thanks for the comment Leo. I know, amazing how some people can afford a £20,000 car but not £2/hour parking. I did contact the council via fixmystreet but they said they can only do something if it blocks a dropped kerb or yellow lines!!. However, another email with photos I popped to them has been referred to the Highways Dept.It's the mess that makes me see red!.