Monday, 21 May 2018

Friday Quiz: turning or parking?

Is this car GK06AUN, pictured one morning in Clifton
(1) turning on the wrong side of the road
(2) parked?

The correct answer is: it makes no difference. Oncoming traffic has to assume they are are turning vehicle, so slow down for a junction in a way that the painted give-way signs would never achieve.

This shows how Bristol's drivers do think of the safety of others, not just when driving, but when parking.

(this was published in 2009; updating the tags has had it relabelled as new. There's probably some yellow lines here now, forever deriving somebody important from parking on the closest corner to their home)


Joby said...

The question is - do we introduce this form of traffic slowing down on every corner?

I would like to see this introduced where I am from.

SteveL said...

Which part of the city is that?