Monday 8 November 2010


Whilst we all get hot under the collar about the problems that putting Bus Lanes up Whiteladies Road are going to cause, and the onerous parking restrictions that will be put on us as a result, here's something to think about:

Tax dodgers, parked for free, making their own entertainment.

We can't do that, the best we've got in the X5 is sat-nav and Jack fm.

Here at Bristol Traffic, we like leaving the 4x4 outside Somerfield all day, whilst walking into Clifton, pretending to be pedestrians. Unless we complain by 12th November, that'll all be over and they'll give our parking spaces to bicycles and buses, at least in rush hours.

If you want to keep the free, 24 hour, inner city parking in Whiteladies Road you'd better get over here and make some comments. Quick.

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