Monday 12 December 2011

High Kingsdown Shared Space Proposals

There are proposals afoot to turn Kingsdown by (the excellent) Highbury Vaults into a shared space. We somewhat support this.

Looking at the Lockleaze shared space, they've completey managed to eliminate the pavement area.

This avoid the problem of not being able to park right next to your front door, being forced to leave a small gap just for the sake of politeness, as the AA driving school car GD11ETF has had to do.
It also avoids the conflict between people cycling on the pavement
Where they are risk of damaging our vans

1 comment:

Slug said...

I live in an area which has changed to have ROADS (not shared space) like this. When you walk down the Road - it is only a bit wider than a single car, there is no where to go to feel space and cars seem to question what I am doing in the middle of their ROAD.

And the actual road junction is narrowed using planting so that again you have to walk in the middle of the ROAD to leave the road. It doesn't feel like a shared space to me. (Whereas the ones in Southville do feel more shared in their usage).