Saturday, 14 January 2012

Number 3 in an occasional series of Porsches parked outside supermarkets (parts 1 and 2). Double yellows? Check. Don't want anybody else parking too near. Well out from the kerb? Check. Don't want to scuff the tyres. Personalised plate? Check: K7KKY. And in a moment of compassion, they've gone to Tesco in order to help reduce the £4bn drop in profits, rather than Waitrose. Thoughtful.

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D. said...

That Tesco in Clifton and its double-yellow lines are a nightmare - if there isn't a forty-foot articulated lorry unloading outside it, there is a line of parked cars of people who have grasped the essential truth that popping your hazard warning lights on means you are allowed to park anywhere at any time (even if all you're doing is popping into Tesco for a paper and a tube of Pringles).