Saturday, 15 June 2013

Ant- RPZ myth: the paint makes a street look ugly

If there is one anti-RPZ story we want everyone to avoid, it is "they make the streets look ugly"

Look at this street in the Cotham RPZ on a weekday

Is it ugly? Yes, there are some white lines, but for us delivery van drivers, we see a beautiful place to park any size of vehicle -outside any of our destinations, no need to double park or even reverse in. If you look at the streetview view of its old weekday appearance you can see an ambulance having trouble negotiating it. Our van shares this problem.

Streets free of parked commuter cars look lovely to us.

Those "livable city" campaigners will be lighting up their eyes at what is a different sight to them: a street that has returned to what it was like when it was created 150+ years ago: a street without cars.

Because that is the problem: usually a road like this is full of red, black, silver, blue, yellow, green and white parked cars, often with brands like (in this part of town) BMW, Audi, VW, Volvo. As you can still see off Woodland road, just outside the KN RPZ:

You can't say "the paint makes a road look ugly" when the alternative is to fill with brightly coloured motor vehicles.

Which is why this myth must stop being repeated!

If it doesn't someone is going to see these scenes and say "we can have an empty street with no paintwork by banning cars!"

We don't want that -the anti-RPZ faction don't want that. Which is why they have to drop this claim before anyone notices!

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