Sunday 23 June 2013

Is Rita's trying to go upmarket?

Rita's has some new paintwork -maybe it is trying to look more sophisticated and appeal to a broader audience than minicab drivers.

Perhaps it is trying to join the rest of stokes croft up market


A new mural has gone up alongside Mayor Ferguson's pub, -one which made the national press, while in the US ABC news claimed that this "breakdancing Jesus" mural was controversial.
There is nothing controversial about this, in Stokes Croft it barely merits a mention. More controversial is whether milk from "The best 24 hours" shop is actually safe to drink, or whether a cheeseburger from Ritas or Slix is least likely to give you food poisoning.

[photos are all from 08:15 on a Saturday morning. The city sleeps, the bike lane surfaces, the council staff turn up to start sweeping up the evenings debris and any bodies. This is a car-free early Saturday morning]


Unknown said...

It's not the milk you need to worry about, it's the sandwiches. And less knocking of Rita's please. A top-notch eatery second only to Slix

My partner and I took the parents there a couple of weekends ago and were very impressed by the locally sourced venison. Be warned, this is a BYO establishment.

Bristol Traffic said...

Leo: that wasn't venison. If it was sourced on Stokes Croft itself, then -hopefully- it was just roadkilled dog.