Thursday, 3 October 2013

Stokes Croft: its own beer -and a shocking new pub

Today marks the start of the Bristol Beer Week, an event dedicated to showcasing some of the mind altering substances manufactured and sold in the city.

If there is one beer we need to highlight, it is Stokes Croft IPA, from the Ashley Down Brewery. This is the first time that Stokes Croft has its own beer. It has had its own Spirit - Methylated- for some time, so this beer marks another sign in the gentrification of the region.

We must also highlight a new drinking establishment on the street, taking over The Croft, is a new pub, the Crofter's Rights.

While normally a new pub is something to welcome, especially now that it is selling Stokes Croft IPA, this pub is unusual.

The sign at the bottom says "bikes welcome". And inside -can you see it: hangers for bicycles on the wall.

Cyclists are being encouraged to cycle to the pub, get drunk and go home. What do we get? There are no pubs between Bishopston and the Bearpit that offer parking spaces to their customers.

This shows how gentrification is changing the face of the area. Once people in the Bearpit start drinking single malt meths, it will be all over.

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