Sunday, 6 October 2013

Stokes Croft: the marxists are coming for our pavements

Britain is a capitalist country: it belongs to the people with money. We show that we in this group by driving cars.

People who cycle they are, well, marxist followers of Ralph Milliband. They hate Britain, and look to Europe for inspiration.

Here we see on the Croft, someone taking over the pavement to sell things other than sex or drugs, with customers an their bicycles up on the pavement too.

Across the road, the bike park area is overflowing -and discussions are now afoot to expand it.

This is not our stokes croft, where the pavements are like the bus lanes: short stay parking

All is not lost. Here on Moon Street the pavement provides excellent parking opportunities.
Resist the marxists! Stand up for Britain. Park on a pavement today!
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