Tuesday 14 July 2015

Cyclists please dimount

We don't know what dimounting is, but given the incident near Bristol where a woman crashed her car while playing with an entertainment device, we have our suspicions

This is Temple Back East from Temple Back bridge heading for Temple Meads station from Old Market roundabout.

It could be a mis-spelled "cyclists dismount" sign, except there's no reason to dismount, not when there's the hatching to the left.

Dimounting, then, must mean something else. Our theory: riding a saddle designed to entertain your entertainable bits while on a ride.


Anonymous said...

That's Temple Way & Temple Bridge. Temple Back East is the left turn shown on the sign.

Jitensha Oni said...

Dimounts are forever.

Al said...

The official government code Safety at Street Works and Road Works says not to do that.