Saturday, 8 August 2015

Visiting our strategic partners in Mountain View, California

We've stated before: with our strategic partners Google and Facebook we are building a PCSO state, one where people pay month for the privilege of being monitored, such as the how your Android phone reports in your movements 7x24.

We do of course have to visit our partners sporadically to brief them on developments, hence a short trip to the US. Expect some commentary as well as insights from Silicon Valley, which is now the hub of the future automobile. Even watching people gives us a profound vision of the futre

First, how to carry furniture in a "convertible"

The correct approach, clearly is to stick the chair in upside down, with someone on the passenger seat to keep an eye on it. The driver themselves gets some information on the chairs status: if they look in the wing mirror and see daylight then the chair has gone. If they hear over their music the sound of brakes and crash, they may also get an audible cue of the "chair loss event"

Until then, luggage transportation at work.

We just have one outstanding question though. We've seen them carrying a chair. What are they going to do with the Sofa?

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