Thursday 21 October 2010

Kingsdown update

Shocking footage in Kingsdown, where we can see the paint lines for the resident parking zone going up, even though the zone isn't going live until 2011.

We even have video coverage of a drive-by review of Freemantle Square, showing two things
1. They've even yellow-lined the corners
2. The parking area is to narrow for a premium SUV -it's almost as if they want us van drivers to feel unwelcome.

That's OK, we are used to be hated. And we aren't scared of yellow lines on corners. Indeed, this fellow driver has managed to park on two corners at once
This is something to be impressed by.
If the council had not selfishly put bollards up by the double yellow lines , it would have been able to park on the pavements instead.

While admiring our own upload, youtube recommended this related video, which is quite entertaining, by one bristolcyclista, who is getting pretty irate at WR54HRW for turning over them.

Bristolcyclista -if you had not been on a bicycle, you would not have been nearly hit. Therefore, you are the cause of the situation. You may think "but what would she have done if I was in a car", but the answer there is simple: it depends on the car. Everyone gives way to a battered white van or a 1970s volvo.


wee folding bike said...

It works for any rear wheel drive Volvo but they haven't made them in more than 10 years. Luckily for me they keep on going.

Currently sitting in a '97 940 2.3 turbo wagon. The 940 & 960 were the last of the land iron clads.

SteveL said...

I have a friend in london who switched from a motorbike to a car after being cut up too many times; he opted for an old orange volvo which radiated the fact that the driver didn't care about one more scratch on the scraped bumpers, that it could lurch out without worrying about anyone who wasn't driving a volvo of the same era. Even people driving company cars would back off because although they wouldn't take the insurance hit, they'd have a car that would be out of action for a few days.

The new volvo SUVs miss the point entirely.