Wednesday 27 October 2010

New link: road justice

We've added a link to a new site today, Road Justice.

This is a Canadian site which puts up photographs of the terrible thing cyclists to Vancouver, such as cycle around without helmets. They also have that hard taxpayer/cyclist split that we use, though they don't yet call them Tax Dodgers!

Road Justice! Welcome to the debate about the future of transport in the cities of the world! We have one concern though: are they some kind of spoof? I mean, to criticise a cyclist just for standing on the pavement, or not having a helmet? Yes, we hate them too, but there aren't actually laws against owning a bicycle -yet.

They also ask for money, which makes us wonder if they are trying to trick us out of the money we have left after income and petrol tax takes away most of our earnings for bike lanes and buses. We have had enough money stolen without them asking for more.

Anyway, the link is up there, we are keeping an eye on them to see if they stay consistent and aren't some kind of trick site put together by tax-dodging cyclists to discredit us, Bristol's premier traffic news outlet. The fancy web site design and the demands for money are warning signs. If we think they are spoof, we'll delete the cross-link before long. Credit for the Copenhagenize blog for bringing this site of fellow-travellers to our attention.


Quercus said...

Definitely not a spoof site.

Anywhere on the internet that offers advice on:

- Dedicated new driver training polygons


- Elimination of aggressive panhandling at intersections

on the same page proves they are for real.

We need similar policies for the (proposed) Whiteladies Road Showcase Bus Route...

SteveL said...

What are driver training polygons? Triangles? Squares? Dodecahedrons? The whole idea seems daft. Admittedly, not having the training to handle a dodecahedron I may not know how to get my white van round one if I see one, but I can do The Triangle and Portland Square, so how much harder is a dodecahedron?

Check out This commentary with some shocking videos of cyclists in london.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the plug. Big Hello's from Vancouver. This is a serious site. We will be posting policy papers on variety of isses over the next little while, but bike lane situation has been taking all of our time. Team

copitorojo said...

Not a spoof but oh so confused. Any new site, wherever in the world, that highlights the problems cyclists cause for tax-paying car drivers and even pedestrians must, of course, be welcomed. But check out the resources section and there's a hagiographic profile of traffic engineer Hans Monderman, who has dedicated his career to slowing cars down as we go about our important business. Deluded, dangerous fool.