Sunday, 16 January 2011


Only last week were were criticising Bristol's town planners for a lack of vision in the 1970s, for a failure to regenerate the neglected inner city by building enough motorways through its core. We only have the M32. One city in Britain has had the vision, and stuck to it, turning their neglected victorian era housing and under-utilised parkland into motorways, so that wherever you walk round the city, you can hear the background hum of high speed motorway traffic. With this motorway through the heart of the city, we believe it is possible to drive from the M32 to the scottish highlands without having to stop for a red light or pedestrians.

Yes, we are talking about Glasgow, and unlike the Copenhagen Cycle Chic team, who think it is a nice place to cycle, as is Aberdeen, we know that Glasgow is our kind of city, as documented by our allies, At War With The Motorist, on their trip to Glasgow, premier city in Scotland.

We like best that the integrated advertisting on the phone-viewer brings up an advert for Robbie's Driving School, who will teach you how to drive round either city, Bristol or Glasgow, in Style.

Congratulations Glasgow, and come on Bristol, get your act together! How else can you solve this city's traffic problems?


wee folding bike said...

There is a traffic light beside Loch Lomond on the A82 where it this main road goes down to a single lane.

Those freeloader cyclists have their own button (paid for by my taxes no doubt).

Bristol Traffic said...

It is possible to get all the way to Rest and Be Thankful pass without the lights, or Gairlochhead. Indeed, one suspects that a design goal of the M8 was "Stop anyone nicking a nuclear weapon being transported between Aldermaston and Gairloch". Though if that was the goal, one would have to ensure the payload didn't try crossing the city centre on a weekday evening at peak hours.

wee folding bike said...

Ohhh, the secret nuclear weapons?

The ones near with the suspiciously high quality roads in the middle of nowhere?

Those darn lazy cyclists have been seen scooting along the smooth tarmac on their 175 psi tub racing tyres when they should really be relegated to whin dust paths with regular kissing gates and dog walkers.

I say we drain the canal and put in the planned M8 spur up to Springburn. At the moment the turnout is about 50 ft long and runs right into a wall under the eastbound carriage way.