Saturday 29 January 2011

Bike Parking Rollout

The long awaited bike parking on buildout rollout is taking place.

King Street East

This is in addition to the existing King Street area, next to the traffic warden writing a ticket.
Just off Park Street in Park Street Avenue
And on Tyndall's Road.
We await the Evening Post to discover these and complain, again.

However, we take a more relaxed view.
  1. These are all paid parking spaces that are being taken away, and who pays to park? Only losers who don't know the secret places.
  2. By not building the bike racks on the pavements, they are keeping them clear for our vans.
We're a bit miffed that the racks keep on reinforcing the myth that bicycles are welcome, despite the best efforts of our local press and conservative councillors to remind them that they are nothing, and despite the premier approaches to the city: M32, A4, A370 all going out their way to say "you'd be insane to cycle here". The fact that some do, all the way to the university, is why some students get so frustrated. There's not much we can do there though, except get together with the EP commenters and together pay for some banners to put up on the bicycle approaches to the city to say "with the money you have saved -now buy a car"


Slug said...

Thanks for letting me know I've been waiting for some parking by Park Street (other than the railings outside The Wills Memorial Building).

You can't park there anyway because of the railings!!!

Peter Miller said...

Nice post - the link to CrapWalthamForest is broken btw.