Wednesday 4 May 2011

Queries that Bring visitors

As part of our "watching you, watching us" series, here are some of the keywords that brought visitors to the site. Stokes croft was the main bringer of visitors, more about the riot than the wonders of Slix. Comments appear after the "-" symbols.
  • stokes croft riot -481 visits with the word stokes croft
  • stokes croft tesco
  • bristol stoke gifford riots -got some bad news for you there: nothing happens in S Gloucs.
  • coronation road cycle path bristol -we call it the farm pub path
  • bri parking -70 visits on this
  • dropped kerb kingsdown-yeah, they ticket you for parking there
  • vertical parking technique
  • "the aa" -we are coming up in the first page of results here!
  • cllr gollop cycling
  • parking near cabot circus -walk from the stokes croft bike lane. 50 hits for this last month.
  • parking near primark bristol -see above
  • brunel ford -ooh, top five there.
  • cabot circus free parking -not any more
  • cheap parking near cabot circus -for shoppers, the big multistorey car park
  • hack tachographs -always use a TOR proxy when planning to break the law
  • hiviz fetish - still?
  • aa driving school -top 5 there too
  • bristol massage parlour extras - get in touch, we have a special on Keith Chegwin accessories
  • british school of motoring how to park -if they knew, they'd tell us
  • bus lane fine in bristol if dropping someone off - possibly
  • can i turn right from zetland road to gloucester road -yes
  • eric pickles declares war - we are #1 on google on this now
  • free parking in bristol st michael's -yes, on evenings and weekends
  • free parking near college green -only for councillors
  • is it illegal to block a junction on a road in standing traffic -yes, but it doesn't stop the AA doing it, so it must be OK
  • is stokes croft a bad area? depends: good for drugs and paid sex, some of the bars are OK.
  • kingsdown parking permits for sale -yes, we found that out, didn't we?
  • mr ahmadou spiritual healer - but can he fix speeding tickets?
  • parking at abbeywood b&q - bills come in the post if you do this all day: the students learned this a while ago
  • stapleton road bristol sex for sell -apparently so
  • prostitutes and truck parking -see above
  • ubht staff parking -lots.
  • will my car get towed in st pauls bristol -try it and see
  • can you get done for 30 mph in a 20 zone -yes, and we hear they are issuing tickets now
Remember: if you are researching illegal acts, always use an anonymising proxy server. We do.


Mr P. Edant said...

Actually, you can only turn left onto Gloucester Road from Zetland Road - if you turn right it's Cheltenham Road.

Adam said...

unless your turn is so extreme that you turn 270 degrees into Gloucester Rd.

SteveL said...

or you turn right into cromwell road, contraflow up north street and turn left by the old venue HQ to get to gloucester road.