Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Kingsdown RPZ permits for sale!

The real issues in the city are surfacing now that Stokes Croft is calming down. Parking in Kingsdown -which is the place you want to be if you want to throw bricks down at the police, or have a quiet lunchtime beverage or two in the Hillgrove.

The good news is that someone is selling day passes on gumtree. 40 days for £50. Not bad, if these are the first fifty of a household -the ones you get free. If not, well, you can get 50 for £50, so you make £10 on each 40 you sell. We congratulate the vendor, Tom, for their entrepreneurial spirit.

update: the ad got deleted, so we've reproduced it except the phone number
40 x Bristol Kingsdown Visitor Parking Permits £50 kingsdown, Bristol

Reply to this ad or tom on (deleted)

Park in the kingsdown areaof bristol for roughly a pound a day.

Bargain. using a machine to payanddisplay would cost you a fortune

What we can't do is praise their information security tactics. Tom lists his phone number. Which, if you search for on google, brings up other references to someone called Tom Arkell, and their facebook page. We hope that he isn't the same Tom Arkell that's listed on the university law department rugby team, as one expectation of people studying law is reading and understanding things like the RPZ regulations which say that one-day passes "However, it cannot be transferred between households and must not be sold on."

Really, that's just incompetent. Tom: invest a couple of quid and get a disposable SIM card just for such transactions -or use a disposable email address. We would -if we had any permits to sell. As it is, we aren't interested, as with a disabled sticker on our van we don't need them.


Seán said...

This is surely the besterest BT post yet. Just lovely.

gus900 said...

Chortle chortle. BF is certainly on fire at the moment.