Friday, 29 April 2011

The stokes croft bike lane: a new record!

You won't be seeing our white van today, as the team is all at home watching TV. Well, watching adult videos while drinking red bull and vodka, but it fits in with the day. However we do welcome contributions, as usual to bristol.traffic at gmail dot com.

Today we have received some lovely photos of what's happening down in Stokes Croft, showing that the police have finally stepped in and set a record for the number of vehicles that can park in a bike lane! We see you, Aberdeen Cars,

Stokes Croft Royal Wedding Day
and raise you eight police vans!
Stokes Croft Royal Wedding Day

We also have proof that Welsh vehicles are exempt from one way signs.

Stokes Croft Royal Wedding Day

There, how you deal with that, friends of the north?

update: Gamu asked why we hadn't included the registration numbers. An error of omission, due to the rush to get this out. Here are the two from the photos: CN59DVO WX08DHE. As they say, Whose police state? Our police state!


Gamu said...

I don't see you publishing thier number plates as you usually do on this blog. Why is this?

Bristol Traffic said...

Corrected! Thank you!

Alan said...

Astonishingly, as you were writing this post, I was being interviewed by Aberdeen's Finest: Grampian Police. My offence or misdemeanor? - Photographing a building, its car-park and the river which runs beneath.
of Aberdeen Cars