Friday, 15 April 2011

AA supporting driver safety

There is lots of coverage today in the cycling world that the AA is giving out free helmets and hi-viz tops, to reduce the risk of them being run over as they ride their Boris Bikes around.

Some people are dismissive of this, implying that the AA is doing a publicity stunt that is really a form of blaming-the-victim. Not at all.
The AA is equally concerned about the safety of motorists. Look here, in the junction of Cheltenham Road and Arley Hill at 18:11 on a weekday evening. This van OU10FYG is stationary in the middle of the junction, held up by the vehicles in front; the cars coming up from Bath Buildings or Arley Hill are at risk of running into the van, given that they have both had green lights while this van is busy blocking the junction.
The hi-viz top the driver is wearing will reduce this risk, as it will be easier for cars crossing the junction to see the vehicle blocking the do-not-enter junction, so the driver will be safer. And presumably the AA's insurance costs will be reduced accordingly.


Anonymous said...

The driver is not wearing a helmet though. Did he not receive one?

Downfader said...

This is laughable.

So this makes me wonder if its a) a publicity stunt b) they've truly looked into the whole helmet debate or c) with their intentions to look into cycle training (good) they feel AA on little yellow lids will make people think of them for training purposes?

In 2008 I complained to the AA about one of their van drivers (he cut a bend and nearly took me out as the road swept left), they said they'd look into it but you never get to hear the outcome of these things..

I caught the whole thing on my video system at the time. Bang to rights. Their other drivers have been fine though.

Advanced Driver Improvement said...

This is really a nice job by AA. Keep the good work up

Tim said...

Nicely done.

Rhode Long said...

If you really want the AA initiative to do some good then bid for this example on

All proceeds to Roadpeace