Sunday, 3 April 2011

Spring and the skippers are out

The Evening Post has missed it; the AA failed to issue any press releases. Yet now that spring is here, a new threat to the city has arrived: skipping.

This man is skipping along the road, no hi-viz, no helmet, and looking happy. We don't pay our taxes to be stuck behind someone on a skipping rope. Did he have to take a test for this? Is the rope licensed? The sooner every pedestrian is required to wear a hi-viz top with a registration number the better, as then we will be able to report these people for unlicensed use of skipping rope on a public highway.


"A green steam" said...

great thanks for visiting Old Market!

SteveL said...

The web site will publish anything from the city, though it suffers from a bias towards where its current contributors live, walk and commute.

Anything interesting is welcome, especially if comes with text consistent with the rest of the web site