Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Stokes Croft Riot: Cheltenham Road is back to normal

We got a blip in web traffic last week with people searching online for "Stokes Croft" and "Stokes Croft Tesco".

We are Bristol's premier road-related news outlet --and given this road's role in both transportation and fast food, this extra traffic was not surprising.

To keep our out-of-town visitors informed, we drove the official Bristol Traffic White Van down to Cheltenham Road and 'the Croft to see what was happening.

The Tescos is boarded up, Fred Baker Cycles has a few hundred pounds worth of damage. All eight cyclists who read this site might want to consider visiting the shop and buying something there, to show your support for a local shop in the area that never chose to be alongside a new supermarket.

The outbound bike lane has a car in it, this time a police car.
The inbound bike lane also has a car in it.
Up on the now infamous Telepathic Heights, someone sits on the roof shouting at passers by.
All is back to normal.

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