Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Stokes Croft: Picton Street is normal

There's some paint on the road at the Stokes Croft/Ashley Road junction

The Bristolian Cafe is offering special "Riot Fry-Ups"
Claims were made in the press that people had been digging up cobbles and throwing them, but the only cobbled street we know of nearby -Picton Lane (good secret parking, BTW), is unchanged, except there is now a security person sitting in the sun at the back of the mini-Tescos (not photographed).
The local stores have a police car blocking the usual staff range-rover parking
but as there is still some spare yellow line space, this is not an issue.

Again: normality.


Quercus said...

First pic - Who stole the traffic???

SteveL said...

good point. Maybe the anticapitalist rioters stole the cars.

seniorita said...

where have you been? the 'security' monkeys have been out the back of the store for months! plus, Picton Street is never normal, mate