Monday, 25 April 2011

Only £4 million

Oh dear, it seems Bristol City Council is making money out of us motorists again, and the Association of British Drivers are really cross. 

The Evening Post has it covered, in some in-depth investigative journalism. Even though we never get ticketed for parking on pavements the council have still managed to extract £4 million from us over the last year just for parking badly on the roads.

This is the sort of thing that happens these days - no yellow lines in sight! We're with the ABD's spokesman on this, who stated:

"But the trouble is if you treat people like children they act like them."

We're not sure if the driver of FM57WUR is actually a child, but if the ABD want proof, here it is.

UPDATE: What we need is more footballers in Bristol.

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amoeba said...

The photograph of the ticketed FM57WUR, reminded me of my father's comments about my aunt's the appalling lack of parking ability. On the single occasion she took my father as a passenger (an experience so scary that he was determined never to repeat it), when she 'parked', the car, it was a metre from the kerb. He recounted that he said to her: 'It's all right, I can walk to the kerb from here'.

Readers will express considerable relief that she is no-longer a menace to other road users.

Drivers exhibiting egregiously bad and dangerous driving should lead to a requirement to take an official driving test within a fortnight. Failure to pass, should result in loss of licence. We need to weed-out bad and dangerous drivers.