Friday 7 October 2011

No eye contact - even if they insult you for RLJ-ing

The rule of junctions is that if you don't acknowledge the other people on the road, they aren't there, so you have done nothing wrong.

Usually its done when you block a junction or a roundabout. Today, something different: a cyclist RLJ-ing the Cheltenham Road/Bath Buildings Junction.

For some reason, the camera crew aren't impressed by this and not only shout to get their attention, they are mildly abusive -which the tax dodger in the viewfinder ignores. 
Next they will be writing in to the Evening Post to complain.

As to why the cyclist jumped the red light, some possibilities spring to mind:
  • they were in too much of a hurry.
  • their visibility of Arley Hill was restricted due to the large lorry blocking the pedestrian crossing.
  • their life is empty and meaningless and a bit of danger makes it more precious.
  • their brakes don't work and the way they came off the pavement forced them into this action.
  • they're an idiot
  • all of the above.
Well, they are now famous. Purple-topped mountain bike rider: welcome to Bristol Traffic!

(08:44 correct video embedded)

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