Saturday, 12 November 2011

Broadmead bumping

A video reaches us of an incident at the bike path crossing rupert street to the horsefair where the cyclist crashes into the pedestrian and they both come off.

Nice swearing. If we cycled, we'd swear like that too. One point though: there are no lights controlling pedestrian crossings of the bike path, and so that highway code about giving way to pedestrians probably kicks in. The other: this was predicable. There is no point putting a camera and a horn on your bike if you aren't going to look at where people are walking and whether they are looking at you.


D. said...

The video ALSO seems to have gone to "This is a private video" - is this embarassment on the part of the original youtuber?

SteveL said...

Well, it could be a sign that he follows our blog.