Saturday, 19 November 2011

Occupy M32: year 40

A group of protestors are camped on college green, but apart from the "whiners corner" of the Evening Post, not having much effect.

A greater group of protesters have decided to come out in numbers and bring the city to its knees. Here they are on the M32

Their protest demonstration goes all the way up to Eastville junction.
Yet the mainstream media completely ignores this, even though these protestors include BMW and Mercedes drivers -the nearly-but-not-quite-1%, whose journeys in from the suburbs are crippled by the excessive fuel taxes the state is charging in order to keep the banks afloat.
The residents of the areas near the M32 are aware of this ongoing protest against the capitalist economy, and have been spraying signs of support against the M32 itself.

If there is one criticism, this protest has been going on for about forty years, and yet it has had little effect.


nfo said...

I appear in one of the photos. I wondered what the guy on the bridge was taking photos of as there didn't seem to be anything particularly exciting going on...

SteveL said...

There's almost never anything exciting going on on the M32. Which is good, when you think about it. The hard problem is deciding whether to come off at the St Pauls roundabout or carry straight on. That day it was a "come off early" day

SteveL said...

Oh, and if you email bristol.traffic at you can have a full resolution image to treasure