Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Trees have stolen Happy Lane

Happy Lane, off Ashley Down Road. A nice little buildout, ideal for parking - a fact we have celebrated in the past.

And what do we see today? A tree. With a fence round it. Where we park.

We know the evening post -rightfully- denounces the council for wasting taxpayers money on providing cycle parking and routes, because they take away the space we have paid for. Yet this, tree-planting frenzy does not get covered at all.

Why are they keeping it a secret. Only we, the Bristol Traffic site, remember and warn of this outrage

All over the city

the buildout parking spots are being taken out

We shall not see them free again  

in our time


Quercus said...

Expect more!

allotmentqueen said...

FD03 LL.. looks like it's already had trouble with a tree.

Bristol Traffic said...

@Quercus. Do not fear, with the council we shall fight back against the greenery.