Tuesday 2 October 2012

Shocking school run photos

we must denounce the people who have a two-child tagalong to tow their children to school

Not only does it start to make the children think that there was an alternative to sitting in a car every morning, their parents are actually permitting the children to sit on the bicycle without putting their helmets on.

Neither of the children are wearing any hi-viz.

We are pretty confident that these kids are in the 47% who pay no tax whatsoever.


Unknown said...

What a great way to get the kids to school, I might well get one for our family. It will teach them that they can rely on themselves to get around without having to depend on using the car. Incidentally, from the photo of the bike 'parked up' you can clearly see two helmets ready to use. As for hi-viz, surely you would need your eyes tested if you could not see a trailer of that size?

Bristol Traffic said...

1. there is a child sitting on the bike without a helmet.
2. there is a child walking on the road without a helmet
3. funny you should mention the "get your eyes tested" action, as it is what the police said to me only last week