Monday 22 October 2012

The Danger of Twitter

Twitter alert!!!

Now, here at Bristol Traffic, none of us do Twitter.

It's not our thing, so we leave that to others like @ipayroadtax to point out how cyclists continuously get in our way, without contributing to the costs of our roads.

More importantly, we don't do twitter because we know how it can be used to persecute us.

Take this example: here's an innocent tweet from a motorist (@andythomas365), sitting waiting for the lights to change just north of Stokes Croft:

Nothing wrong with this, you might think, except some clever clog spotted it and has now alerted the Police to the use of a mobile device to take photos whilst driving...

See that? 

The Police are straight on to it, even pointing out where to go to find out how many points you may get for using a phone while waiting at the lights.

Our advice: stay away from Twitter!


soft centre said...

The photo is clearly staged. For a start since when did cyclists wait at the lights on Stokes Croft? Then there's the highly unlikely co-incidence they're all wearing helmets.

Nope, I'm afraid you guys have fallen for a fairly obvious hoax.

seebag said...

I wonder if a passenger leaning across to take a drivers eye view would be charged with obstructing the driver? And would the driver be charged with encouraging or assisting an offence? Mind how you go.

seebag said...

A master stroke. My defence m'lud is that I Photshop'd the whole thing. Isn't the onus on the prosecution to prove otherwise, even given the Police State we now live in?

Alex said...

Why would a passenger lean over to the driver's side?

seebag said...

Er, to show people how it looks to the driver? Or even, heaven forfend, to mislead the authorities into thinking the driver had taken the picture. Mischevious I know, but would this be illegal? eg wasting Police time?