Friday 12 October 2012

The Mayoral Elections

So far we've been silent on the topic of the elections -it's down to the conservative and UKIP candidates to see who gets the white-van vote. Although the tories are targeting the white van constituency at the national level, Cllr Gollop is now being pro-cycling city, which makes us worried. It could just be he's realised that the elves of Somerset and the dwarves of Gloucestershire have no vote, so there's no point promising anything to the commuters who keep this city afloat.

What we haven't seen from that candidate is any sign that he really does support these bicycle things, which is why we do think it is just a facade. It's the other candidates that worry us.

Here we are shocked to see Cllr John Rogers, LD candidate for the election, alongside his folding brompton bicycle and looking cheerful, here in the autonomous district of Montpelier, leaning his toy vehicle against the community bike rack put in to help the vans turn the corner.

The Bristol Traffic Project is considering conducting interviews with all the candidates, to see where they really stand on the issues that matter. What questions should we ask? And remember, they have to be questions that support our agenda, not some hippy-hobbist anti-motorist plot


The Bristol Blogger said...

The issue that sets apart the mighty politician from the cylcing Council House pygmies is the M4 - M5 Southern link.

Are they in favour? When are they sending in the diggers? Do they want to regenerate south Bristol or not?

Rhode Long said...

Hopefully your interviews should identify the one candidate that we should absolutely not be voting for, for fear of "Cycling City" being ressurected and being done properly...

SteveL said...

Yes, "can we regenerate S BRS the way M32 regenerated eastville" is a good one.

Then there's "do you think red trousers make a positive fashion statement"

Along with "have you ever been to downtown avonmouth before this election"

SteveL said...

Also: "do you think the fact that the leader of your party/your MP/MEP is an idiot will impact your election chances"

this is a good one as it works for: conservative, LD, labour, UKIP and Respect.

soft centre said...

Now it's legal for cyclists to punch out drivers who cut them up can we also happy-slap pedestrians please?