Monday 21 January 2013

Further down ninetree hill, there's a red clio SN52BNJ paveparked quite elegantly.

It's only when you get alongside that it's clear that this car wasn't parked -it crashed into a lamp post while sliding backwards down the hill -presumably with all occupants screaming in terror trying to wheelspin their way out of trouble.

It must have been frightening -we hope they are all right.

Even so, as you look up the 1 in 4 hill, seeing more than one vehicle crashed on it, some thoughts spring to mind.
  1. What made the drivers think going up here was a good idea? You can't into kingsdown by car all that is left is the parking on Dove Street.
  2. On a day like friday, all parking restrictions are cancelled.There's no reason to park on Dove St.
  3. The streets were covered in snow and ice, and vehicles couldn't get up less steep roads -some of the main Kingsdown access routes were blocked off, and we saw Cotham Hill earlier -that's a 5-10% gradient maximum.
  4. If you do get to the top of Dove St to park, you'll have to come down this or the other hill-option later -and again, that could be icy.
  5. If your attempt fails, you aren't going to just get stuck. You will slide down backwards until you hit something.
If this hill was a secret rat-run, we could see why someone would want to go up there. But it isn't -and these photos show why you should avoid it after snow unless you have a sledge.

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Unknown said...

My name is Prashan and I work for RDF television. We are currently developing a documentary which is focused on the recent nightmare experiences of Bristol’s motorists. It would be really great to talk with some of the passionate contributors of this blog about their experiences of driving in Bristol and their views on Bristol council.
Please pop me an email and we can arrange a chat.
Thank you