Sunday 20 January 2013

Italian Job on Ninetree hill

Every year, when it snows, the same thing happens. Someone tries to drive up or down ninetree hill, gets in trouble, crashes. Every single time -sometimes people even die.

It's as repetitive as the letters that appear in the Daily Mail the same week "how can they claim there's global warming when it snowed?". We suspect the writers and the drivers may be related.

This weekend there's a white van wedged halfway up the street.

That's the street with the 20-25% gradient, something they should have noticed on the way up. Presumably they noticed it on the way down, as it slid backwards into the stone wall of one of the houses.

With the rear in the garden, it may be safe -but as no breakdown van is going to come and retrieve it for days, there's the risk that it may start sliding down the hill again.
Hence the mooring. Somone has wrapped some nylon tape round one of the bollards on Springfield Road, and clipped it to one of the wheels. That may be enough.

For the curious, the van has "A shade greener" on it -this is a company that provides free solar panels to your roof in exchange for getting the feed in tariff back. It seems unlikely that the day where Bristol has had its heaviest snow for at least two years was a priority day for installing solar panels -let alone trying to drive up ninetree hill.

We would love to see the correspondence with the insurers on this one.

Someone has scraped "Doh" in the ice on the windscreen of FG61NXZ. We concur.


Anonymous said...

You've missed my favourite bit: it hit a parked car and sent that sliding down the hill, gathering recycling boxes, until it hit a lamp post.

Witness the result

All in all a most impressive feat, even by the standards of that elite group of drivers: the Ninetree hill club.

Steve Woods said...

"You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"

SteveL said...

@Shellac -thought they were separate incidents? Are you saying the van knocked the car down the hill? Where was the car parked -Dove St?