Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Archaeologists seek the fabled "lost cycle lane of Stokes Croft"

It's long been claimed that there is a pre-roman era cycle lane on Stokes Croft, hidden under the parked cars.

We now have a video of an archaeological dig that set out to explore this and other historical artifacts of the area

There ae some sightings of the fabled lost bike lanes of stokes croft at 3:07 and 4:45

Some viewers may be surprised by the fact that the university professor didn't know much about living on the Isles of Turbo, even though the university is 0.8 miles away. Remember, Bristol measures its status in vertical metres, the uni is near the top of the hill, whereas from Turbo Island the only place left to go down is the bear pit.

Even so, Stokes Croft does not like to deny opportunities to anyone -all university faculty members are invited to the island, just bring your own drinks. Some ethanol from the chemistry department would go down a treat.

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