Thursday 22 August 2013

Suspension Bridge response: these are not the build-outs you are looking for

A few of our cycling-troublemakers objected to the build-out at the junction with Observatory Road, on  the basis this would increase car/bicycle conflict.

This argument was dismissed with this simple reposte: there are no build outs on Suspension Bridge Road.

This is fantastic, because it not only destroys all objections to the build out -it makes the cyclists question their own sanity.

Do they see build-outs on Suspension Bridge Road and Gloucester Row?  They aren't there. Those bits on the map where they say "proposed footway build outs with dropped kerbs"? They aren't there.

This is as great a way of dealing with objections as the "the cycling group said it was OK". Here you don't need to even reference that, you just say "you are mistaken, there are no build outs on that road".

Presumably this explains the appearance of buildouts over the uphill bike lane on nearby whiteleadies road. They aren't there either, and anyone who complains about them is mistaken,

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Unknown said...

Hi Bristol Traffic

I was hoping I could get your opinion on a proposed upgrade (or is it downgrade) of Mina Rd. The council is currently proposing build 4 pinch points along the 0.2 miles of Mina Rd.

In my opining this will make cyclist who use Concord Way go head to head with cars each time.

The plans can be found at the link below.