Thursday, 8 August 2013

Call of the Gromit

The Gromits are across the city, and finally we have reason to visit the otherwise boring parts of the city -here, Clifton.
This is at the top of Cliftonwood

And here is how to get there from Hotwells. The audio commentary is too low to be understood, but that's OK, it's not very interesting. It is reminscing about pre-gentrification Hotwells, when you needed to know the football results to fend off queries in the (now Bath Ales) pub, when the sole cash machine was in a massage parlour, and the post-office used to sell draught scrumpy if you brought in your own container. Sadly, that policy has not been rolled out to other POs in the country.

It's long as the tax-dodger over-meanders around nearing the Lion Pub (recommended) at least three times, Church Lane and Constitution Hill upper  (4:11+) being the hardest part.

Ambra Vale (0:48) is going to be interesting, as it will go RPZ. Here, on a weekday, you see paveparking and narrow roads, but nothing worse than Montpelier. The difference is that Cliftonwood gets commuter traffic heading to the city or Clifton, where you can come in off the A4 portway or A370, find a space and then walk to work.

This video will be the "before"

meanwhile, there are lots more Gromits to visit.

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