Saturday 9 August 2008

Alternative Transport

For some reason, walking and cycling is often categorised as "Alternative Transport". Historically speaking, walking is in fact the primary form of transport ever used, since mankind first used it to render the mammoths extinct; travelling by water probably comes second.

Sometimes, though, you encounter really alternative transport, such as that documented by these photos.

There is nothing more alternative than walking round Bristol dressed as a tree

Except maybe following the tree dressed as market garden vegetable and singing while waving a stick or a tambourine.

That's what Bristol has to offer over London. London: Transport for London, congestion charging, the tube and the soundtrack of whatever the other tube passengers want to play on their phones.

Bristol: painting yourself green and dancing from pub to pub to music only you hear in your head.

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SteveL said...

-Can I add that this isnt meant to be a criticism of the Jack in the Green parade -the whole reason I was taking the pics that my son and I encountered them on a trip to the local supermarket, I then had to follow the sprog around for the afternoon as he joined in the event. I think its very entertaining

These are the of 2007 parade, though I did catch the 2008 one going up gloucester road.