Sunday 17 August 2008

Call for Participation

This blog is a collaborative exercise by some members of the Bristol Cycling Campaign  mailing list. Its a way of removing stress related to biking round the city -instead of getting angy, get a picture and make fun of the situation later. It also exists to show that the authorities have effectively abandoned anything resembling parking rules outside the pay-to-park zone, so making the streets more dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists and schoolkids. Even car drivers get blocked in by the cars across corners, vans forcing buses out of their lanes, and taxis not being able to park in their waiting slots.

We allow all forms of humour: irony, sarcasm, satire and ridicule, provided the content is non-libellous. That's important. The site is meant to be a fun read, not somewhere to post abuse about someone or something. Rather than criticise people, we are trying to celebrate all forms of driving and parking that one sees in the city. Because you have to accept what goes on, or get out of the city. Maybe even move to Denmark. Or Geneva, where the armed MTB police keep the cars in check, but at the expense of a town where parties don't go on after midnight and the police raid you for using a washing machine out of hours.

Here's how you can help:
  • Take a camera when you walk, cycle or even drive round town.
  • Take photos of anything that is particularly funny or thought provoking.
  • Avoid confontrations. Taking photos is alternative to getting upset, to as a starting gambit in a fight. 
  • Post it to us with location (street, area), and any commentary that is funny enough. No commentary? Send us the slides and we'll make something up.
  • Videos are good too. Stick them on youtube and send us the URL
  • You'' get credit for your pics, unless you want to be anonymous.
  • Don't be disappointed if your pics don't pop up for a while -or ever-, or we change/replace the commentary.
Although most of our pics are of parking, that's because its easiest to film. Anything of moving cars, buses, bikes, pedestrians and trains are welcome. Even police horses and ice-cream vans.

Every so often, we plan to place longer and more complex articles on the transport issues in Bristol. These postings will still need shallow and entertaining photos to go with them.

We strongly encourage reuse and linking.
  • Link to the article, home page or tag topic of relevance. 
  • If you want to use one of our photos in print, such as a school leaflet, just ask.
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