Friday 29 August 2008

dangerously inconsiderate parking

Here is a car on the double yellow lines/keep clear bit of Kingsdown parade. Nothing unusual there, but its not parked on the pavement. As a result, this large lorry full of scaffolding can't get through.

Standing out of site of the photo (they didn't want to be photoed or videoed) are the four people from the lorry who are about to bounce the car onto the pavement so that they can get through. That's not good for the car, and its not good for the lorry crew. If the driver of this Peugeot had parked two wheels on the pavement -as everyone else did- then the lorry could have got past more easily.

Remember: if you are going to park on yellow lines, you may as well go for the pavement at the same time. After all, the lines are there for a reason.

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