Friday, 16 September 2011

Clifton: we can dream, but the bollards deny

A Sunday in Clifton, and the owners of the 4x4s like WF58EZG are forced to use the raised body height to help get up on the pavement.

There just aren't enough spaces for that VW Touran, or the Jeep Grand Cherokee WU53HGD below, famous for, in the words of the NCAAP safety tests, earning just two stars for pedestrian safety, "this car was not designed with pedestrians in mind"
Well obviously not. People walking take up parking spaces.

Which brings us to Waterloo Street, Clifton Village. Bollards. Worse, Bollards with bicycles attached.
Our Clifton councillors have done what they can to discourage cycling: resisting cycle parking in the village, proposing taking away yellow lines, but it isn't enough.
It's not the yellow lines that are the problem -it is the bollards. They remove space from us, the important residents of the area, and give to them, the pedestrians and the cyclists. It's as if they were more welcome than us.

Every Bollard is a sign that the War on Motorists continues!


Matt Gibson said...

I notice that these bollards are even busier since the decent bike stands at the library have been replaced by those useless ones you can't D-lock your frame to... Grr. (pic:!/gothick/status/166868277124022273/photo/1 )

Bristol Traffic said...

-been meaning to cover that. Apparently there was something related to listing buildings, but it's probably just an excuse.

What they've put in? They should just remove them -they are of so little use