Sunday 11 September 2011

Fighting Back: why it doesn't work

People email us and say things. A lot of things, most of which we can't print, as they assume the team are some group of bicycle-people. Not so. it is just that we don't film from our own vehicles, so have to send out "expendable tax-dodgers" to get footage for us. Why don't we film ourselves? This video from London shows why.

As you can see videoing from the vehicle doesn't help
  1. It stops you being able to make and take calls with the camera phone.
  2. Holding a camera over a passenger while driving along makes it hard to maintain full speed, especially when you are hanging back to disagree with the cyclist.
  3. The troublemakers all gang together when the police get involved

That's the worst part. Your own video can be used as evidence against you. As for the whole nature of this dispute -the tax dodger wing-mirror-taxing the smart car as it pulls out into his lane, well, if you have wing mirrors, you aren't a proper Bristol driver -a fact which the very presence of wing mirrors radiates to everyone nearby and puts you at a disadvantage in all right-of-way negotiations.

Anyone thinking of visiting the city -just stick some duct tape round the mirrors to create that local-driver look without having to actually do Richmond Road, Montpelier, at full speed.


Bill G said...

Hi All,
I was the cyclist on the Moulton bicycle who stopped to give my contact details to the PCSO. This happened on the 12th July this year and makes for an unpleasant entry in my diary.
The driver was driving one handed and twice swerved at the cyclist with the camera while on the Bow Flyover. The beeping you hear in the video was from other vehicles drawing attention to his actions and there was a lot of shouting from other cyclists.
I am horrified that he was allowed to walk away without legal sanction. The driver should have been taken to court for dangerous driving at the very least.
And the stretch of road this happened on is the recommended cycling route to the Olympics!
Take care all,
Bill G

Bristol Traffic said...

Scary. There's some pretty good evidence there of careless driving, and holding a phone while driving is generally considered on the forbidden list -the mobile phone rules should kick in.