Tuesday 1 February 2011

Abbeywood Station

While obviously we don't use in trains and resent the fact that after privatisation the amount of our road tax spent on subsidising this form of transport has actually massively increased, we were at least pleased to see that the signage at the MOD side of the Abbeywood train station is aligned with our needs.

There is a faded bicycle under the barriers, not maintained as well as the no bicycles sign.

Interesting that it has a ring round the bicycle and Cyclists Dismount, does that mean they are required to get off their bicycles and then, well, just stand there or something?

There's another no bicycle sign to the lampost on the right, and one further up in the sky, in case inattentive cyclists were looking up there instead. This is the kind of cycle city signage we approve of -very Portsmouth.
Then S gloucs council waste the entire effort by having a sign up just outside showing people how to walk and cycle from the station.

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