Tuesday 8 February 2011

Considerate parking

Are Cliftonwood's drivers the most considerate in the city? See how X868MDS has pulled right up onto the pavement so that other cars can get along Ambra Vale East, inconveniencing nobody but himself - he's so close to the wall he can barely get his door open!

Some may think that leaving threatening notes for other drivers who don't park so well is just a little militant, but here at Bristol Traffic we are appalled by parking as bad as the example shown by Y453TNV. Look how far from the wall the front of the car is. We have standards to uphold.


Jim said...

ooooh the mystery is too much!.....what does the note say?!

Concerned of Cliftonwood said...

It said: "If you park like this again we will report you to the police", although I have no actual proof it was left by the driver of the first car.