Wednesday 23 February 2011

Traffic Calming by YK06USX

This little mini convertible, YK06USX, has managed to make the most of the tiny area allocated to parking here, by almost, but not quite fitting in to the gap, so resorting to a bit of echelon-parking.

The result is nice bit of traffic calming, not just because it creates a pinch point, but because approaching traffic can't be sure that the mini isn't actually pulling out without bothering to indicate. This reduces traffic speeds on Zetland Road.
From a distance, the nature of the park-out can be observed. It adds a pinch point to a pinch point.
Given the risk to this vehicle's paintwork, such selfless dedication to road safety must be congratulated.


Unknown said...

Hi Bristol Traffic,

I work with a company that sells bollards and we would LOVE to get a link to their site from Bristol Traffic. Especially as these inventions feature on your blog quite often, such as your History of Bollards Is this something you're open to?

If you could let me know either way that would be much appreciated.



Unknown said...

Hi again, my email address is james AT becomeknown DOT co DOT uk :)