Tuesday 1 February 2011

Helmet legislation

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From: Bristol Traffic
Date: 1 February 2011 22:31
Subject: Helmet legislation
To: p.ramsey@sdlp.ie

The Bristol Traffic project exists to document the traffic issues in the city, of Bristol England ones we normally blame on pedestrians and cyclists.

Yet occasionally we use photographs from out of our fair city, "abroad", to provide commentary, and we have covered both Northern Ireland and your constituency town and its issues have surfaced

On that topic then, can the team thank you for giving us something new to make fun of. We love the idea of a country coming out the thirty years of darkness, picking on unified enemies, and cyclists make such a wonderful outgroup, we can imagine everyone all unified, all marching (or at least driving) with a common narrative for the region: cyclists are the common enemy. Except the cyclists of course, but that's not your problem or ours.

Thank you for giving us something new to talk about, sorry if it means you get more email criticising you!

The Bristol Traffic Project!


Quercus said...

It's February the first, not April the first!!!

Adam said...

What constitutes a helmet? Can I make my own home made one out of and old polystyrene burger box a truckers cap and it'll be legally recognised?