Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Bristol Cyclista meets RL54OHG on Gloucester Road

Youtube recommends this video to us, of a cyclist being passed by a car that proceeds to stop to pick up their friend waiting by the roadside.
Personally, we don't see the problem and hence why the rider was arguing with the driver
  1. Even though the future passenger was waiting right at the corner, the driver did pass the cyclist rather than swerve straight in. This forced the driver to drive longer, and the pedestrian to walk a  bit. Such selfless acts are not acknowledged by the cyclist.
  2. The car did actually indicate when turning in, and all its brake lights were working.
  3. By pulling in to the bike lane rather than waiting behind the cyclist, the three cars behind were not held up.
  4. Despite the abuse the Bristol Cyclista lays on the tax payer, he is gracious and polite.

1 comment:

Bristolcyclista said...

The car driver is quite clearly making a statement about the state of my mountain bike. I see to recall that I had been playing around in the mud the day before and I hadn't got round to cleaning it. He can quite clearly be heard telling me to "muck off".