Sunday, 24 June 2012

Double discrimination

While looking for a pavement to park on by templemeads, this sign caught our eye:
Just beneath the advertisement for the bristol-bath cycling& walking route, on a pavement with signs saying pedestrians are allowed to walk on it, there are two other signs

  • A "no entry to bicycles sign"
  • A sign saying "cyclists dismount and give way to pedestrians"
The latter was our favourite. Think about what it means.

It means anyone who has dismounted and is now pushing their bicycle has to give way to pedestrians.

Clearly it means that cyclists pushing their bicycles are not yet pedestrians, they are still cyclists endangering pedestrians by their very insistence on walking their bicycle towards templemeads station -perhaps to get to the railway path, perhaps even to get on a train.

Either way, it's nice to see that whoever owns Templemeads Station hates cyclists whether on their bicycles or on foot.

1 comment:

Quercus said...

Personally, I see no problem with this.

Your photo shows what is great about this country, and the quality of Urban Design in Britain today.

I can think of countless other European cities where signage is both worse, and more confusing. Especially at key places where visitors from abroad might get a first impression of a new and exciting city.

Bristol wins!

And... I like the metalwork and fencing...