Wednesday 13 June 2012

HGV vs Clifton Vale

While doing one of our regular clifton deliveries, a quick detour to check out the road where the HGV got wedged a while back.

Yes, there is a new HGV shaped dent on the house at the top of Clifton Vale.

Looking up, this is the view the drive would have had.

What's not clear is where was he going: left towards clifton, or bearing rightwards. The latter is possibly marked as a straight line on the satnav, which it is, provided your car is nimble enough to swerve round and through the oncoming lane. Hatchbacks can do this, but things like estate cars have trouble.
What the HGV driver was thinking we don't know, especially as the hill is about 20% all the way up. At what point did they start to have doubts -and yet still decide to continue.

This is just going to lead to street clutter as every road from Hotwells to Cliftonwood is now going to have a sign prohibiting lorries -which can only inconvenience those of us who do know how to get our toys through the rat-runs.

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